Bailiff seizure of a bank account – payday loan

Hello. Today, the bank took my bank account at the request of a bailiff. I am currently on sickness benefit from $ 1,575 and I should receive a transfer of approximately $ 1080 to my account tomorrow. Sick leave in 36 days, but a weekly loan in the amount of $ 1,500 was credited to my account a week ago.

After paying this payday, will the bailiff take all my sickness benefit because the amount free of attachment is $ 1575? Will the bank leave me nothing for a living?

You can claim sickness benefit of 25%. What will happen in my case? I will be destitute and I am sick. Please help. Aurora.


How long will the bailiff take?

payday loan

When it comes to bailiff seizure with sickness benefit, it is actually 25% if we are talking about non-maintenance debts. Is it worth knowing that the sickness benefit is free of bailiff’s execution in the part corresponding to 50% of the sum of the lowest old-age pension?

If you are entitled to sickness benefit, for example, only for part of the month, then to determine the amount free of attachment from sickness benefit, you must divide it by the number of calendar days of the month and then multiply it by the number of days for which you are entitled …

As for your question about the payday loan, if the payday payment reaches the bank account taken by the bailiff, then the bailiff executing from your bank account will probably take the cash from sickness benefit.


Execution from a bank account

Execution from a bank account

If your bank account is occupied, the bank at the request of the bailiff will block all funds and transfer them to the bailiff’s account, only the amount free from attachment from the bank account is protected, which is 75% of the minimum remuneration for work, which is currently the amount of 1575 USD and the limit of this amount is renewed every month.

So if you received a payday loan in the amount of $ 1500 on your bank account, and now you get sickness benefit in the amount of $ 1080, after adding up you will have $ 2580 on your account, the bailiff will take $ 1005 in that case. ( $ 2,580 – $ 1,575 – free from attachment from bank account).

Nothing would happen if you redirected the money from a payday loan to another bank account, eg from a family member or friend, or collected it in person.