Loan without certificates? It is possible!

Unemployed, retired, employed on a contract for work, single parents supported by alimony – for all of them a loan without income certificates will be a suitable form of financial assistance. To obtain such a loan, all they need to have is their ID card and bank account.

Non-bank loans because we do not like bureaucracy

Non-bank loans because we do not like bureaucracy

There are several reasons why we are looking for “loans without certificates” or “loans for proof”. One of them is that we do not like unnecessary formalities. Often, we can not simply submit an income certificate because, for example, we work in the dark or are unemployed. Another reason is the fear that low income will ruin our chances of getting a loan. That is why loans without certificates are so popular.

Who is looking for loans without certificates?

Who is looking for loans without certificates?

Such a loan is an ideal product for everyone who earns income from so-called “junk contracts” (eg work or commission contracts) or other sources such as alimony, scholarship, disability pension. Among those interested in this type of loan are also the unemployed who are living on benefits or have just lost their job. Among the clients of loan companies there are also often people working in the dark, from whom it is impossible to obtain an income certificate, but you can count on being able to settle the liability on time. In each of the abovementioned cases, a loan without certificates will be the preferred product.

I take a payday loan – how does the verification take place?

I take a payday loan - how does the verification take place?

When applying for a quick loan, you do not need to submit any formal income statement from your employer, or other documents such as PIT, bank statement, bills, etc. All you need to do is declare your earnings. Sometimes the source or amount of income is confirmed during a telephone conversation with the client or his employer. This is quite a rare practice, but it can happen.

Verification in a loan company is somehow automatic, based on the data submitted in the registration form and by the verification transfer we made for the amount of USD 0.01. Before you make it, it’s a good idea to make sure you have funds in your account. If not, the verification process will fail.

Bottom line: When you apply for a quick online loan, all you need is your ID card, active cell phone, email address and online bank account.

Each loan application is assessed for creditworthiness based on the loan company’s internal scoring systems. Unfortunately, if you have problems repaying other liabilities, you may have trouble getting a loan. So let’s take care of your credit history and above all borrow, but responsibly.